What I can do for you?

Custom software development:
  • Developing projects written in Ruby, Python, C# and JavaScript.
  • Model and schema design for your business domain.
  • Helping you choose between relational and document persistence models.
  • Tackling technical debt.
Team Agile training and coaching:
  • Helping your organization bring Lean principles into practice.
  • Hands on training your development teams with XP adoption.
Technology review:
  • Reviewing your planned or current stack against business strategic needs.
  • Code reviews.
  • Pre-acquisition technical due diligence and assessment.


$150 (£100) per hour. Minimum of 5 hour ($750 or £500) commitment.

Get in touch

Jakub Borys | jakub.borys@gmail.com | + 44 (0)77 1822 5201